Why This Blog? Why Now?

The world does not need another blog; I know that. Writing is by nature egocentric, which might be what draws me to it. What follows is a justification/manifesto:

CEL Presentation

The truism revised.

1. My wife and mom think I’m brilliant. So that’s a readership of two.*

2. I’ve been preaching that teachers should write. But I really think everyone should.

3. I like dry Cheerios and tend to think everything is about me.

4. I will waste no words on even an imaginary reader.

5. There are things I’ve done to help me feel like a writer, which I can share.

6. Entering the blogosphere as a reader only didn’t work for me.




*Thinking about it, I would have to print every post if my mom is going to anything. So maybe cut that readership in half.

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