Teaching Portfolio

Thank you for visiting my professional portfolio. While it is the nature of a portfolio to highlight strengths and successes, I welcome any feedback on anything you find here. If you use and improve on anything, I would love to hear about it. If you have questions, feel free to ask. A list of publications is available here.

YouTube Video Channel

YouTube Video Channel

For our local intermediate school district, I developed a series of videos covering the ELA Common Core State Standards for grades nine and ten.

  • The videos isolate the specific skill(s) addressed in the standards while developing organically in a real learning context.
  • Reading skills are demonstrated in real time as they would happen in the mind of an active reader and are enhanced with both audio and visual effects.

Slide1In 2012, I presented at the Conference on English Leadership on the issue of teachers as writers, including what districts could do to encourage all teachers to think more of themselves as writers and what resources are available to those interested in seeking publication. I also chaired a pair of sessions at the National Convention for the Slide1National Council of Teachers of English.


Other images and practices from the past school year:

Using Online Resources to Enhance Instruction

Click here to see a website where I assembled some additional resources to reteach and reinforce some of the grammatical issues we covered.

I have recently been exploring the idea of flipping the classroom. My first step will be to flip the reteaching and review that some students need. Click here to see the type of resource page I would make available to students who would need extra instruction and practice with making inferences while reading.

If you would like any information, have any questions, or would like to see or know more about me or anything on this page, please contact me, using the form below if you would like.

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