How Getting New Tires Is Like Writing

  1. Shame of putting it off only makes me put it off further. And, no, I haven’t been in to have the tires rotated even though it’s free. Stop judging me.
  2. When the tires come off, there will always be another issue; this will almost always be expensive.onion
  3. Some people are totally in their element and see more than black rubber when looking at tires; others don’t a have clue and just wish the TV wasn’t so loud. But there we all are.
  4. It has to be done.
  5. Life is better and safer when we do it.
  6. Even though other people are doing it, it is a fundamentally lonely experience.
  7. Coffee helps, but good coffee would be even better.
  8. It’s not brain surgery: anyone could technically do it; some just have the tools and experience to do a better and more efficient job of it.
  9. It is important to be prepared to spend more time than you expect.
  10. We are all there for fundamentally the same reason, yet we’ve all come from such different places.



2 thoughts on “How Getting New Tires Is Like Writing

  1. I have an unfinished blog post that I has been sitting since early April. Last time I had my tires rotated, I brought my computer with me to work on the post. I just couldn’t find any inspiration while sitting there in the tire shop. Good job finding inspiration there! And reason #10 is a great one to remember as a teacher-blogger. We all have something to contribute from our unique journeys.


    • Thanks, Jim. My first thought came when they showed me my struts and tie-rod something or other: writing ISN’T like this, or at least shouldn’t be; we don’t point out everything else that is wrong with a piece when someone asks for advice. But ass I played with it, I obviously went another direction.


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